Die Genussbotschaft - Lucas Huemer x Kobo

40.00 - 65.00
  • Die Genussbotschaft  - Lucas Huemer x Kobo


A3 and A2 prints on 170g paper ❤️✨
I will print what's ordered BY nov 3/4 and maybe only a handful of extras for Lucas to bring with him to Wien.
Pick up @ KŌBŌ IN VIENNA night of the event use taiko pick up option . ✨
(To pick one up in Berlin let me know!)

My sweetheart @foiegrasundbrioche aka Lucas Huemer chef extraordinaire to the Austrian ambassador to Berlin teams up with Kōbō for one night only!!
To celebrate I'm releasing prints of this poster I made for them. Lucas wanted something in the style of Studio Ghibli and I was more than happy to oblige!! Way too much fun!

If you need posters or teeshirt graphics for your events let me know!