Community Crowdfunded Tattoo Lottery. SUMMER EDITION

5.00 - 13.00
  • Community Crowdfunded Tattoo Lottery.  SUMMER EDITION




If you cannot come to berlin in that time period do not buy a ticket for yourself
however you can of course give your prize to a friend!! šŸ˜
I will print out all the names and make a post with winners Friday June 14th!! šŸ„°ā¤ļø

ā¤ļø 1st prize is 3 hours of tattooing (up to 3 hours to be tattooed in one session, I am an efficient tattooer so I could possibly complete one medium, hand sized tattoo (depending on style) or a handful of tiny smol tattoos or two little ones in that time) - Any tattoo time past 3 hours to be charged at normal rate - if you tap out sadly the rest of the time is not transferable. (prize Worth ā‚¬480-ā‚¬570)

ā¤ļø 2nd prize is 2 hours of tattooing (up to 2 hours to be tattooed in one session, so this would be great for something palm sized or a few smol tattoos) Any tattoo time past 2 hours to be charged at normal rate - if you tap out sadly the rest of the time is not transferable. (prize Worth ā‚¬320-ā‚¬380)

ā¤ļø 3rd prize(s x 3) will each get one hour of tattooing (the free hour can be added to a larger piece that's ongoing or is good for some smol tattoos or one simpler small or sized tattoo). Any tattoo time past 1 hour to be charged at normal rate - if you tap out sadly the rest of the time is not transferable. (each prize Worth between ā‚¬160-ā‚¬190)

All tattoos must be performed in one sitting between June 15th and The end of september 2024 and be something I CAN tattoo that's within my skill set.
tattoo prizes ARE transferable (to a friend or a stranger I guess haha but make sure they know the type of tattooing I do!) and are valid only for the time period purchased for, (meaning if you buy a Q2 ticket you must be available to be tattooed in that quarter. Q2=APRIL-MAY-JUNE this contest is for JUNE 15-END SEPT 2024).

I will be announcing winners on JUNE 14th with a video on instagram šŸ„³šŸ„°āœŒļøā¤ļø
it'S the day before a flash day at the shop!

So maybe you're wondering why I would run a lottery.

During lockdowns I was reminded of a couple of things; firstly that though I have often felt like an outsider even within tattooing, it has always been you, my clients that have made me feel like I belong. We are drawn to each other by common values and an appreciation for overlapping interests in life, art and aesthetic. You all really reminded me that there IS such a thing as a tattoo community and that the one I am part of is kind, compassionate and empathetic.

Secondly, that though the arts have been getting hammered in the last two/three years by conservatives. (It's so sad to me that the arts are often perceived as frivolity especially in times of economic downturn especially when they are what kept people sane when locked up at home - music, tv, film and artists on socials). I was reminded during lockdowns that not only is there so much value in art, (especially things made by human hands) as beautiful things. They can also entertain, brighten, create connection and they are healing; for those that create, and for those that support and interact with the arts. I realised that though tattooing can be 'just a bit of fun' for others it can be also self affirming in powerful ways. Oftentimes it's both. I do all kinds of tattoos, from the funny to the fancy, traditional to surrealist and even the silly ones have value for the wearer in terms of expression and experience.

Over the years I have often given away tattoo sessions because sometimes I have spontaneously wanted to express my gratitude and sometimes I just knew that a deserving client would benefit positively. In the last few years (even pre-pandemic) I have wanted to offer some free tattoos for clients who could benefit from coverups (think deadnames or names of exes or just bad tattoos that affect self esteem) but didn't want to start a trauma contest, (and honestly if you don't want to disclose why you are getting tattooed you don't have to because I understand that sometimes people's reasons are deeply personal).

The more time I spent thinking about body autonomy, the power of tattoos to be self-affirming and especially how they can be expensive and often unattainable for some, I thought perhaps I would make it open TO all clients and FOR all kinds of tattooing (new pieces OR cover-ups), but at a small cost to prevent people from taking advantage, (which works out to it essentially being a sort of crowdfunding of tattoos for fellow community members).

This is why this lottery is transferable to another person because you if you win but think your winning ticket could benefit a friend then I want you to be able to give this gift. The only catch (other that OBVIOUSLY the tattoo has to be something I CAN do - I'm not without limits šŸ˜… haha), is that the person getting tattooed has to be able to be tattooed during my working hours between June 15th and END OF Sept in BERLIN. Conventions and guest spots NOT included. ā¤ļø

Guen. x āœŒļøšŸ„°ā¤ļø