Mutti - commemorative shirt - UNISEX

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  • Mutti - commemorative shirt - UNISEX
  • Mutti - commemorative shirt - UNISEX
  • Mutti - commemorative shirt - UNISEX

Love or hate her politics, in her time in office she rose above political divides to become an icon the world over. I wanted a shirt for myself to commemorate her time in office, especially after these last two years living in a pandemic her straightforward delivery and motherly tone soothed my anxieties more than once and I thought some of you might feel the same. Though I do not agree with her on everything (in fact i disagree with a fair amount of her politics), I have respect for her integrity, compassion, and ability to admit fault; an incredibly rare quality in politics these days. So here it is! My ode to Mutti Merkel, Germany's reluctant feminist icon, in blue with a nod to vintage east German design. This shirt is sure to spark conversation.

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excerpts from her farewell speech.

"Our democracy thrives on both our ability to engage in critical debate and to self-correct. It thrives on the constant balancing of interests and on mutual respect. It thrives on solidarity and trust – including trust in facts – and it thrives on the fact that protest must arise wherever scientific findings are denied and conspiracy theories and hate speech are spread. Moreover, our democracy thrives on the fact that our tolerance as democrats must end wherever hatred and violence are seen as a legitimate means of asserting vested interests."

"The many internal challenges we are up against are also reflected in foreign policy – not only since the beginning of the pandemic. The financial and economic crisis of 2008 and the many people who sought refuge in 2015 underscored how much we all depend on cooperation beyond our national borders, and how crucial institutions and multilateral instruments are if we want to successfully meet the great challenges of our era: climate change, the digital transformation and refugees and migration. I want to encourage everyone to keep in mind that we must also see the world through other people’s eyes; also recognise the sometimes uncomfortable and contrasting views of others and work towards balancing interests."